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Robot Commands

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Hand+Arm Package Documentation Pressure Controller Documentation

Hardware Bringup

bash anthro8
roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-plan-multi.launch traj:=ihm_demos/cap
roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run-multi.launch traj:=ihm_demos/cap reps:=1 speed_factor:=1.0

Real Robot

Bring up the robot

roslaunch ur_modern_driver ur5e_bringup.launch limited:=true robot_ip:=

Move to zero and home positions:

  • rosrun hand_arm 0
  • rosrun hand_arm 1

Freemove/teach the robot

  • Just freemove: rosrun hand_arm

  • Teach points: rosrun hand_arm [FILENAME], then use spacebar to set each point

  • Teach continuous (more for debug purposes): rosrun hand_arm [FILENAME]

  • Replay: rosrun hand_arm [FILENAME] [SPEED FACTOR]

Pick and Place Action

  • Joint Space
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run.launch traj_profile:=pick_front speed_factor:=2.0 num_reps:=20
  • Cartesian
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run.launch traj_profile:=pick_front_xyz num_reps:=20
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run.launch traj_profile:=pick_place/pick_place_2finger num_reps:=20
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run.launch traj_profile:=pick_place/pick_place_4finger reps:=10
  • Build Pick and Place
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-build.launch traj_profile:=pick_place/pick_place_2finger
  • Plan Pick and Place
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-plan.launch traj:=pick_place/pick_place_2finger
  • Multiple Trajectories
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-build-multi.launch traj:=pick_place/pick_place_4finger_grid
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-plan-multi.launch traj:=pick_place/pick_place_4finger_grid
    • roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run-multi.launch traj:=pick_place/pick_place_4finger_grid reps:=4

Simulated Robot


roslaunch ur_e_gazebo ur5e.launch

If Gazebo nodes never get started, sometimes gazebo needs to be killed.

Look at RViz pose

rostopic echo rviz_moveit_motion_planning_display/robot_interaction_interactive_marker_topic/feedback


roslaunch ur5_e_moveit_config ur5_e_moveit_planning_execution.launch sim:=true
roslaunch ur5_e_moveit_config moveit_rviz.launch config:=true


roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-plan.launch traj:=pick_place/pick_place_2finger


Bring up the hand controller

  • roslaunch hand_arm hand_bringup.launch profile:=planar2seg
  • roslaunch hand_arm hand_bringup.launch profile:=anthro7


Setting up custom end effectors

Useful setup tutorial

Start up the MoveIt! Server and RViz (real robot)

roslaunch ur5_e_moveit_config ur5_e_moveit_planning_execution.launch limited:=false
roslaunch ur5_e_moveit_config moveit_rviz.launch config:=true

Testing in a simulated robot:

roslaunch ur5_e_moveit_config demo.launch

Custom Tutorial:

rosrun moveit_tutorials

Edit the joint limits given to the MoveIt! planner:

from the catkin workspace: subl src/universal_robot/ur5_e_moveit_config/config/joint_limits.yaml

Useful Misc

Kinematics Calculations:

kinematics calculations from UR

April Tags

See Other page

Record Rosbags

Start the service

My fork of the rosbag_recorder package

  • Start the service using launch file
    • roslaunch rosbag_recorder rosbag_recorder.launch
  • Pickle each bag after it’s saved
    • roslaunch rosbag_recorder rosbag_recorder.launch pickle:=true
    • (Note, this could take a long time if you’re saving super large amounts of data)

Start/Stop recording

Use a ROS service call to start and stop recording.

import rosbag_recorder.srv as rbr

def start_saving(out_filename):

    # Generate the topic list (robot and pressure controller topics)
    topic_list = []

    # Start saving data
        service = rospy.ServiceProxy('rosbag_recorder/record_topics', rbr.RecordTopics)
        response = service(out_filename, topic_list)
        return response.success
    except rospy.ServiceException, e:
        print "Service call failed: %s"%e

def stop_saving(out_filename):
    # Stop saving data
        service = rospy.ServiceProxy('rosbag_recorder/stop_recording', rbr.StopRecording)
        response = service(out_filename)
        return response.success
    except rospy.ServiceException, e:
        print "Service call failed: %s"%e

Graphing later

If you pickled your data after saving, you can use another set of scripts I made to plot them


python ft/up200_11162019_210947

Generating URDFs from xacros

For example, in the unviersal_robots package, inside “ur_e_description”, there are several urdf xacros. To generate a plain URDF from these, just use:

rosrun xacro xacro --inorder -o ur5e_robot.urdf ur5e_robot.urdf.xacro