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Plotting Data

  1. Use the plotting functions
  2. Get the object angle from video

Use the plotting functions

Download the plotting package

Get the object angle from video

Track a video using Tracker

I use Tracker, an open source video tracking software. It’s pretty bad, but it gets the job done for free!

Makes sure to save the raw data from two tracking points, using _A.dat and _B.dat at the end of the files.

Plot the object angle from the raw image tracking data

Use “

python planned_23_00/2020_01_20 diam23_angles0_30_base80_tip92_0006


  • data_folder - the folder where your data is stored
  • filename - the name of the tracked file family (do not include the _A.dat part)
  • pickle (optional) - pickle the data once calculated (variants: -p, -s, pickle, save)


  • Plot of the angle vs. time
  • pickled data if you told it to save that

Note: all output files are saved in the same folder as the data files.

Usage Examples:

  • folder: planned_23_00 » 2020_01_20
  • file: diam23_angles0_30_base80_tip92_0006
  • pickle: yes
python planned_23_00/2020_01_20 diam23_angles0_30_base80_tip92_0006 -p