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My Workflow and Customizations

  1. Fusion 360 Tweaks
  2. Convert Objects to OBJ Files in Fusion 360

Fusion 360 Tweaks

  1. Use Solidworks pan/rotate commands
    • Go to “User Name” » “Preferences”
    • Set Pan, Zoom, Orbit shortcuts to “Solidworks
  2. Set Z axis as up
    • Go to “User Name” » “Preferences”
    • Set Default Modeling Orientation to “Z up
    • Note: Literally every 3D printing and CNC system sets Z-axis to be up. I don’t know why CAD softwares always default to y-axis up.

Convert Objects to OBJ Files in Fusion 360

Exporting an STL is easy in Fusion, but for some reason exporting an OBJ is not. This process is based on a tutorial on YouTube

  1. Create » Create Base Feature to separate the obj creation process from the modeling process
  2. Modify » Mesh » BRep to Mesh
  3. Change all your settings similar to when you expert an STL, and click “done”.
  4. Right click the new mesh body » Save As OBJ