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  1. PC Gaming with Nintendo JoyCons

PC Gaming with Nintendo JoyCons

Set up the JoyCons

Following a guide from Windows Central to set things up.

  1. Download and install vJoy. This provides the device driver needed by the joycons.
  2. Run the Configure vJoy program, and set up two devices: Configure Device 1 Configure Device 2

  3. Once configured, you’ll need to restart your computer.
  4. Clone JoyCon-Driver from fossephate on github
  5. Pair your JoyCons to your computer using Bluetooth by pressing and holding the “pair” button until the LEDs start blinking. Configure Device 2

  6. Navigate to joycon-driver » build » Win32 » Release and run joycon-driver.exe. You might need to override the high-dpi settings in order to make the program look right.
  7. Click Start, and let the program run. Your joycons should vibrate when they are detected.
  8. Congrats! Now you can use your joycons as controllers for games!

Emulate an XBOX controller

Some games won’t work natively with joycons, so you have to map the buttons and joysticks to the corresponding XBOX controller buttons.

  1. Download x360ce, an emulation program that will create the correct button mapping files.
  2. Connect your JoyCons per the instructions above. Be sure to check “Combine JoyCons” when running JoyCon-Driver.
  3. Set up all the buttons (you can use the “record” option to speed things up). This will generate two new files in the same folder as where you put x360ce.
  4. For each game, copy all three files into the same folder as the game’s executable (Per the installation instructions from x360ce).
  5. That’s it. The buttons will be mapped, and your combined JoyCons will behave like an XBOX controller!